"No Two Tumors are Alike
No Two Diagnosis should Be"

Genomics - A Promise in Life to overcome Hopelessness and Despair

DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is a complex molecule that contains an unique genetic code (or called "bases") giving biological instructions to build and maintain the whole human body. The sequence of these "bases" determines the biological instructions are contained in a strand of DNA, known as a gene. Genes only make up about 1 percent of the DNA sequence of the human genome, commonly referred to as an exome. The human genome is made of 3 billion base pairs in total. Any change or alteration in the gene is known as a mutation Example: Alteration in the EGFR gene is known as EGFR mutation.

Genomics, a branch of molecular biology is the study of structure, function, evolution and mapping of genomes. The genetic insights help devise precise and tailored treatment programs to target mutations that may be found in each tumor’s DNA profile.

Genome based cancer treatment is a shift from an organ-focused like Breast cancer, Lung cancer, Colon cancer to a gene-focused approach like HER2mutations, EGFRmutations that has enabled in increasing survival rates for a variety of cancers.

Genomics and Cancer

Cancer is a genetic disease and there are more than 100 types named after the organs or tissues that it affects. Currently, genomic information has helped to define cancer types and subtypes based on the genetic make-up. This categorization of cancer provides patients with a more precise diagnosis, and therefore a more personalized treatment strategy. This involves identifying and using drugs to specifically target the action of cancer cells that act differently from the normal cells of the body thereby minimizing severe side effects to the body.

Kyvor is dedicated to bringing, hope and life to patients with the promise that the end of cancer begins here.


For your Cancer-Targeted Treatment Program

Kyvor is a precision diagnosis and genome intelligence start up providing physicians with an actionable report of tailored theranostic solutions, unique to each persons cancer aiming to reduce the exorbitant cancer mortality rate. Kyvor offers whole exome assay to analyze the patient tumor’s genetic make- up and match with relevant and latest therapies, that are likely to be more effective and cause fewer side effects. Kyvor envisions to be in the fore-front of cancer diagnostics using latest and powerful tools by constant engagement with clinicians, academic researchers and drug developers to redefine the way cancer is treated.



Cancer Treatment De-mystified

CANLYTx™ is the most comprehensive Genomic profiling analysis available for solid tumours today.It is a revolutionary proprietary technology incorporating algorithms and data analytics to guide in precision cancer diagnosis using genetic data and drug metabolism. The most unique feature about CANLYTx™ is its ability to pre-inform drug response using the most advanced simulation techniques.

Cutting-edge Technology

CANLYTx™ uses data from the new-age technology for sequencing DNA and adopts validated and approved protocols. This enables quick, accurate and timely intervention for the benefit of the patients.

Comprehensive and Reliable Diagnosis

CANLYTx™ provides deep insights by analysing the entire sequence of DNA responsible for performing the normal body functions and the type of drug that will be most effective from the selected list. This diagnosis helps in avoiding drugs that are either resistant or produce adverse side effects thereby reducing recurrent treatment costs and increase in progression free survival.

Accurate and Fast Results

CANLYTx™ provides an actionable accurate report to the physicians within 2-4 weeks of receiving the patient’s tissue sample.

Global Presence

Kyvor has an active presence in countries all over the world, as we aim to be at the forefront of molecular diagnostics. We work towards bringing our technology and care to patients in every corner of the world, as we believe that the war against cancer can be won.

Consult a doctor, undergo genetic counselling to take a genomic test - Kyvor will help you choose the most reliable path for your cancer treatment.